2021 Power Training Classes

 Only available in-person 

THOR Modeling

The 2 ½ days THOR training class (10/13-10/15) is designed for THOR users of all experience levels.  Engineers who are new to THOR will benefit from learning the basic building blocks used to construct a THOR model while more advanced users will be exposed to advanced tuning and debugging techniques.  This is accomplished with a flexible agenda and practical exercises that cater to the individual students experience level.

The training will start with an introduction to the THOR two-phase thermal hydraulics model.  The student will be introduced to the conservation equations and some other key first-principles concepts that are the foundation of the THOR model.  With the basic physics of the model established, a discussion of the primary model elements – cells and flowpaths – will prepare the student for a detailed description of the various power plant components that are used in a THOR model.  The components that will be discussed will include pumps, heat exchangers, valves and many others.

The training will include a detailed walk through of the THOR3G model builder, describing how the various parts of the model are assembled in the graphical environment.  This will lead to a discussion of the practical aspects of developing a new model or making modifications to a model that already exists.  Topics that will be covered by the instructor will include the generation of the input interface file, the constants that describe the model, and the database files generated by THOR3G.

The students will have the opportunity to put the principles into practice via detailed training exercises.  These exercises are developed to highlight and reinforce the topics covered during the class.  There will be numerous opportunities to interact with the instructors and other students as debugging techniques and troubleshooting tips are shared during the exercises.

Instruction included will be:

  • The THOR Introduction and Nodal Diagram
  • THOR Basics
  • Conservation Equations
  • THOR Flows
  • THOR Cell Properties
  • Introduction to THOR Components
  • Run-Time Model Basics
  • Troubleshooting THOR