Power Conference Agenda

Monday, September 10 (day 1)

Afternoon Symphony EF
1:15pmHow to Build a Simulator Engineer
Joe Poisson, Simulator Engineer – Entergy, Palisades Nuclear Station
1:40pmLeveraging Your Glass Panel Simulator
Mark Parrish, Simulator Test Operator - PSEG, Hope Creek Nuclear Station
2:05pmUpgrades – Be Careful What You Ask For
Chris Huth, Aaron Brown, Simulator Engineers – Dominion Energy, Surry Nuclear Station
2:30pmAnatomy of a Reactor Meltdown
Bob Sanders, Principal Engineer – CORYS Inc.
3:15pmStill Crazy After All These Years – 25 Years of CORYS
Jody Ryan, Chief Commercial Officer – CORYS Inc.
3:40pm ANO Units 1 & 2 – Simulator I/O Replacement and Software Standardization Project
Scott Cupp, Denver Walker and Darrell Jones - Entergy, ANO Nuclear Station
4:05pm Simulator Special Devices Design and Installation
John Stone, Senior Engineer; Stanley Chan, Chief Technology Officer - CORYS Inc.
4:30pm Day 1 Adjourned
7-10pm Redneck Riviera

Tuesday, September 11 (day 2)

Morning Symphony E
8:15amCREP Panel Addition to the Simulator
Jody Lawter, Simulator Supervisor; Andrew Petrarca, Ryan Kimmy, Simulator Engineers, SCANA, VC Summer Nuclear Station
8:40amHow the Grand Gulf Simulator Became Critical Path for Plant Startup
Robert Goldman, Simulator Supervisor - Entergy, Grand Gulf Nuclear Station; Dave O’Farrell, Vice President, Power – Corys Inc.
9:05amUse of a Simulator to Test Control Room Physical Modifications and Installation Methodology
Glenn McDougald, Jim Delcano, Simulator Engineers; Mark Chaisson, Simulator Supervisor – Entergy, Waterford Nuclear Station
9:30amThe First 4k Glass Panel Simulator
Wayne Moran, Senior Engineer – PSEG, Salem Nuclear Station; Yves Lacombe, Principal Engineer – CORYS Inc.
10:15am Integration of a Fireworks System with T-Rex
Mike LeGreve, Simulator Engineer – NextEra Energy, Point Beach Nuclear Station
10:40am Getting The Most From Your THOR Implementation
Don Webb, Senior Engineer - CORYS Inc.
11:05am The Most Overlooked Simulator Single Point Vulnerability
Joe Yarbrough, Simulator Supervisor – Xcel Energy, Monticello Nuclear Station
11:30am But I Thought We Were Green?
Sam Brooks, Principal Engineer – Duke Energy, Catawba Nuclear Station
12:00am Lunch
Afternoon Symphony E
1:15pmExelon Simulator Strategic Capital Upgrades
Jeff Gurley, Scott Messner, Simulator Supervisors - Exelon
1:45pmCorys Nuclear Simulation Vision – The Path Ahead
Dave O’Farrell, Vice President, Power – CORYS Inc.
3:00pmT-REX User Discussions
• T-REX New Version Release
• ThunderLogic, ThunderControl Modeling Tools
3:45pmTHOR User Discussions
4:30pmDay 2 Adjourned