Power Training Classes

Training Courses – THOR

Wednesday, September 12

THOR numerical solution structure
THOR Conservation Equations
Benchmarking THOR to FSAR analyses

  • Practical considerations for benchmarking THOR

  • Interpreting FSAR analyses

THOR special features

  • Homologous curves for RCPs and Recirc Pumps

  • Use of similarity laws for variable speed pumps

Thursday, September 13

Model development in THOR3G

  • Model builder tools

  • Using input files to populate the model drawing

  • Inputting INIT.DAT information to the model drawing

THOR empirical relationships

  • Phase change / handling of non-condensible gases

  • Heat transfer coefficients / NTU method

Component data processing

  • Interpreting plant information for use in the model

  • Using industry codes to help develop THOR models

  • Pump curves and heat exchanger data sheets

Friday, September 14

Practical Exercises

  • Adding cells and flows to an existing THOR model

  • Modifying heat exchanger performance

  • Tuning level response in a boiler or steam generator